MoAR is an arena PvP game. Players queue in a match between 2 opposing teams, and you win by eliminating all enemy heroes within a certain time limit.


MoAR adopts a genre that is combining the MOBA real-time strategy element with the 3/4 top down view and the all-star battle royale type of fighting game style. It's a competitive action game for both the casual and serious gamers.


Core gaming on the mobile platform utilize virtual buttons to trigger in-game commands, and it’s just not as effective as pressing on an actual physical button. Our goal is to allow our smartphone players to compete with the same level of advantage against players who are using a mouse or a controller.



Maunka is an Enkan Warrior. He was captured by the race of men in a war. Then he was sold as a slave gladiator for entertainment. Enkans have monstrous strength but slow in speed. He is melee tank hero with high survivability. Additionally, he is extremely dangerous with his sudden burst of speed and destruction. Usually when spotting a Maunka on the opponent team, you'll want to avoid targeting him first because by the time he's about worn down, your team is likely to be eliminated already.



Shiya is a Ranger of Shakara from the female only race of Ylidia. Centuries ago, her will to save her race from the ultimate evil deluded her into pursuing the forbidden magics of the Essence Realm. Having survived the mystic dimension between life and death, she eventually discovers her newfound powers of unimaginable destructions. Raised in the wild jungle safari of Shakara. In a place where there are no men, she was trained to be one of the fiercest warrior specializing in bow. At the cost of her life, Shiya over extends her power and her knowledge of their worshipped lightning god, Rahd, to fend off the army from the human kingdom to preserve her home. Her existence becomes of none with her consciousness trapped in the essence realm. 



Xero Quelz, or Xero for short, is the overall all around tactical hero. He is a melee Agility hero and speed is usually his best ally. Being also a damage dealer, Xero is a resourceful asset in bursting down powerful opponents. While Xero is not excel in any one specific attributes and is fragile to take on any incoming damage, he's extremely dangerous due to his crowd control and survival abilities. Players who use Xero in a match, usually take on the role setting the pace of the game. He can be fast and deadly as well as being slow and absorb large damages. Due to his flexibility, he is usually the first target to go after.